In March 1991 the African Timber Guru, nicknamed “ATG“, was officially born. It is involved in logging, wood processing and trading. It started with 15 forestry employees under the itinerant management of one woman, Flora Ngum. The company acquires forests as a subcontractor, which enables it to produce 2,500 m3 of wood per month in the first year. It obtained its first sale of cut in 1992. That year, its turnover reached 250 million CFA francs by selling its production exclusively to the local market.Today, African Timber Guru has 800 employees in its ranks, divided between the 7 farms it owns in the South Cameroon region (5 in its own right, 2 in partnership), the Ebolowa industrial sawmill and the Management, located in Douala. In 2017, “ATG” produced 220,000 m3 of logs. Its turnover exceeds 16 billion CFA francs.

Looking to buy timber online? Well, your search ends here. We at ATG are here to serve all your requirements of quality wooden logs and timber. We deal in multiple varieties of wood species such as Tali, Padauk, Mahogany, Teak and many more. We can also offer customised solutions if you need any specific kind of wood. At African Timber Guru, you will get quality products and services with timely delivery and satisfaction guarantee.

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    Types of Wood Species at African Timber Guru

    We trade and export all the popular types of Wood In Cameroon in both round log and timber forms. Our wood products include but are not limited to Padauk logs, padauk timber, Okan wood, Pachy, Pine wood and Teak lumber, among others.

    African Wood Species

    African Wood logs

    African Round Log Species

    Tali Wood Logs

    $390  per  cubic Meter

    African Round Log Species

    Doussie Wood Logs (Afzelia)

    $360  per  cubic Meter

    African Round Log Species

    Mahogany Wood

    $380  per  cubic Meter


    African Round Log Species

    Iroko Wood Logs

    $300  per  cubic Meter


    Wood Boards

    Wood Chips

    Wood chips are small or mid-sized wood pieces that are formed by cutting wood slabs or logs into smaller pieces generally using a machine called a wood chipper.

    African Round Log Species

    Padauk Wood Logs

    $350  per  cubic Meter

    African Round Log Species

    Sapele Wood

    $340  per  cubic Meter


    African Round Log Species

    Teak Wood Logs

    $450  per  cubic Meter

    African Round Log Species

    Bubinga Wood Logs

    $380  per  cubic Meter

    African Round Log Species

    Moabi Wood Logs

    $370  per  cubic Meter

    Why Choose African Timber Guru?

    African Timber Guru delivers top quality African wood species locations around the world. Our service quality lies in our years of experience and in-depth understanding of the wood. Hire our services to get the best-class wooden logs and timber with timely delivery.

    • African Timber Guru Certified By ISPM ( International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures) sets high standard regulation of wood packaging material in international trade.
    • African Timber Guru Certified by CITES ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) ensures the international trade of wood does not threaten the survival on endangered spepcies.
    • African Timber Guru By ICF ( Inspection Certificate of Fumigation) confirms that all the wood exports have been fumigated on regular basis.

    See What Our Customers Say About Us

    I run a small-time wooden furniture manufacturing business in Dubai. African Timber Guru has been my sole supplier of wood logs and sawn timber. I like them because they provide top quality wood at competitive prices.

    I have been importing wood logs from African Timber Guru for years now. Never have I ever faced any problem with the quality of their wood products or services. I am truly impressed and genuinely recommend them to everyone.

    From Start to finish an excellent service and product. Great customer service helpful and friendly team and delivery was flawless. African Timber Guru is the best I can say from experience. We haven’t done exportation business with any other company from Africa in about 3 years now. Thanks for your services to us