Wood Harvesting refers to the process of cutting the trees, converting them into logs, preparing them into customer-preferred forms (timber, lumber, etc.) and transporting to the customer’s location or to a processing plant. The process is also commonly known as forest harvesting or logging.

We at African Timber Guru Sarl is engaged in environment-friendly harvesting of wood, logs and timber and delivering them to mills, landowners, and woodworkers all over the world.

Our comprehensive wood harvesting services are managed through a wide network of contract loggers, lumberjacks and transporters. From cutting, marking and felling trees to processing (sawing) and transporting wood to places around the world, we do it all.

Providing efficient wood harvesting services for nearly 20 years, we have now become a synonym of quality and reliability.

Protecting the Environment with Our Eco-friendly Timber Harvesting Approach

At African Timber Guru Sarl, we take pride in being an environment-conscious wood exporter company that follows the best eco-friendly harvesting practices to reduce damage to the ecosystem, save trees, protect water bodies from getting polluted, keep the roads clean and safe, control erosion, and more. We also encourage tree plantation through systematic drives and campaigns.

Comprehensive Wood Harvesting Services

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with many reputed woodworking companies and mills around the globe, who trust us with timely delivery of quality wood harvesting services through our network of hundreds of professional timber harvesters.

Our timber harvesting services include –

Tree Felling Services

This involves cutting a tree down from the stump using state-of-the-art machines and carefully placing it on the ground.


The freshly cut trees are then delimbed, i.e. the unusable crown and branches from the tree are removed near the stump.

Debarking & Extraction

This service involves the removal of bark from the stem, if and when needed. This operation is usually done at the processing plant. The extraction process involves moving the logs to another place where they are sorted and piled for temporary storage.

Log Making & Scaling

At this stage, the logs are cut into specific length depending on the intended use. After cross-cutting, the logs are scaled in order to determine the quantity, volume, weight, etc.

Temporary Storage

Before transporting to a remote location or to the customer, the wood logs may be temporarily stored in our warehouses located nearby the forests. Here, the logs are sorted into different groups based on their dimensions, quality, and potential use.

Transportation Services

The final, assorted wood logs in bulk are loaded onto the transport vehicle and then shipped to the intended locations worldwide.

From tree felling to delimbing, extraction, log cutting, storage and transportation, our talented team takes care of everything to ensure the quality wood delivery to your customers. No matter how large or small harvesting requirements you have for whatever purpose, African Timber Guru Sarl will manage the entire process smoothly and efficiently.

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African Round Log Species

Tali Wood Logs

$390  per  cubic Meter

African Round Log Species

Doussie Wood Logs (Afzelia)

$360  per  cubic Meter

African Round Log Species

Mahogany Wood

$380  per  cubic Meter


African Round Log Species

Iroko Wood Logs

$300  per  cubic Meter


Wood Boards

Wood Chips

Wood chips are small or mid-sized wood pieces that are formed by cutting wood slabs or logs into smaller pieces generally using a machine called a wood chipper.

African Round Log Species

Padauk Wood Logs

$350  per  cubic Meter

African Round Log Species

Sapele Wood

$340  per  cubic Meter


African Round Log Species

Teak Wood Logs

$450  per  cubic Meter